The Best Motorcycle Camping Tent Cots and Cots for Comfortable Outdoor Adventure

The Best Motorcycle Camping Tent Cots and Cots for Comfortable Outdoor Adventure

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Riding a motorcycle and camping is an awesome way to enjoy the great outdoors. But let’s be real; finding the right gear and equipment, especially when it comes to where to sleep, can be a bit of a hassle. Trust me, a good motorcycle camping tent cot is one of the most important things you’ll need for your motorcycle camping trip.

My Personal Experience on motorcycle camping tent cots

For many years, I’ve gone motorbike camping since I’ve been a fan of motorcycles. One thing I’ve learned from experience is the importance of having a nice cot or tent cot to ensure a restful night’s sleep while camping. Having experimented with many different methods over the years, I’ve settled on using a tent cot as the most comfortable and handy sleeping arrangement when I’m out on my motorcycle. Not only do they save you from having to sleep on cold, wet ground, but they also offer privacy and weather protection. This is really important as you don’t have to deal with keeping bedding dry when camping.

I have tried so many different brands and styles of cots and tent cots, so I know firsthand the importance of finding the right one for your needs. In this article, I will share my knowledge and experience to help you find the perfect cot or tent cot for your motorcycle camping adventures.

Best Motorcycle Camping Tent Cots

Finding the perfect motorcycle camping cot can be a challenging task, as the market has a limited variety of options specifically designed for motorcycle camping. In this section, we’ll explore some of the most commonly found motorcycle camping cots and their advantages and disadvantages to assist you in making a knowledgeable decision.

1. tangkula 4-in-1 Camping Cot Tent

Best Motorcycle Camping Tent Cot
Price Starting From

The Tangkula 4-in-1 Camping Cot Tent is an extraordinary selection for those seeking a lightweight, manageable to assemble, and adaptable camping cot. This camping cot tent is particularly designed for motorcycle camping and comprises a tent and a sleeping cot, which can be utilized together or independently. The elevated cot comes with a self-inflating mattress, providing a comfortable sleeping quarter. They have advertised this as four season tent. Unfortunately, I couldn’t test that out. However, have to say the quality of the tent material or the tarp is high.

This camping cot tent’s distinguishing feature is its waterproof outer cover, which efficiently avoids the problem of rain and shields against wind. The tent has a big doorway for convenient access and a shoe compartment at the base for secure storage. With the convenient hook on the interior, you can hang a lamp to illuminate any space.

The construction of this camping cot is sturdy and supports up to 330 lbs. The enhanced iron structure ensures great sturdiness and high stability. The bottom non-slip foot pads offer firm support, making the tent stand stably on the ground for a long time. The cot also comes with 8 metal stakes and 4 long ropes, which are designed to enhance wind resistance. By strapping this to the side of your motorbike along with your luggage, you can easily bring it with you.

To sum up, the Tangkula 4-in-1 Camping Cot Tent is an excellent choice for motorcyclists needing a compact, simple-to-assemble, and very versatile sleeping solution. On your next camping trip, you can rest confident that you will have a dry, comfortable place to sleep because of its waterproof cover, roomy design, and robust construction.

Motorcycle Camping Tent Cots
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Those who prefer motorbike camping will find the Outsunny All-in-One Folding Camping Cot to be a practical and adaptable choice. The many convenient features of this cot make it a top pick for campers.

The fact that the tent, the camp bed, the air mattress (with corresponding coverings), the pump, the pillow, and the sleeping bag are all contained within a single, lightweight, and compact bag is advantageous in Outsunny camping cot tent. Obviously, it is more economical than buying everything individually because you don’t have to.

The cot tent is made of durable polyester and canvas and can accommodate up to 225 lbs. And as for the setting up, once you get used to it, setting up and transporting the cot is a breeze due to its modest weight. The cot’s dimensions are 76″ in length, 32″ in width, and 41″ in height, making it suitable for most adults. Ohh, also, this cot tent weighs about 29 pounds.

Overall, the Outsunny All-in-One Folding Camping Cot is an excellent option for those who enjoy motorcycle camping and want a versatile, convenient, and durable tent that is easy to set up. It is lightweight and portable, making it an excellent option for those who are always on the go.

3. Wolf Walker Motorcycle Tent

Wolf Walker Motorcycle Tent
Price Starting From

The Wolf Walker Motorcycle camping tent is a bit different one. But if you are a diehard motorcycle camping enthusiast, you will surely enjoy this. Unfortunately, it’s not a motorcycle camping tent cot but rather a regular camping tent with a little tweak. However, it still has some fantastic features that make it perfect for motorcycle camping.

The bike port is the most valuable feature of this motorbike camping tent. The large interior can house a full-sized motorcycle and yet provide comfortable sleeping quarters for two adults. The tent has a convenient connected storage area for your bike and other items. Access to the tent is convenient and discrete thanks to its four entrances, one of which is directly connected to the bike storage area. This feature made it so much easier for me to access my motorcycle and gear during my camping trip.

This tent’s waterproof rainfly means you’ll be safe and dry even in the harshest weather conditions, and the fact that it can be used year-round is icing on the cake. I didn’t have to worry about getting wet all night because of the waterproof floor. The tent’s inside measures at a roomy 187.2 by 98.4 by 72.8 inches.  This worked wonderfully for my friend and me because we had plenty of room to stretch out and sleep. It weighs only 14.85 pounds and folds down to a compact 24″ by 11″ by 6″, which makes it easy to pack and carry on my motorcycle. 

In conclusion, the Wolf Walker Motorcycle camping tent is a unique piece of equipment. For me, it was a dream come true as I didn’t have to cover up by motorbike using another tarp and didn’t have to travel back and forth from the tent to the bike unpacking stuff. You know what I’m talking about. On the other hand, knowing that my precious motorbike is close by when camping gives me peace of mind

Best motorcycle camping cots

In the last section, we went through different types of motorcycle camping tent cots. But what if you’re looking for a more traditional camping cot for your motorcycle camping trip? You might think that your options are limited, but that’s not the case!

In this section, I’ll share with you some of the best motorcycle camping cots I have personally come across on the market. These portable and lightweight cots suit motorcycle campers well and offer multiple features to make your camping experience as comfortable as possible. From materials to designs to features, I’ll be covering it all to help you find the perfect cot for your next motorcycle camping trip.

1. MARCHWAY Ultralight Folding Tent Camping Cot

MARCHWAY Ultralight Folding motorcycle Camping Cot
Price Starting From

To those in need of a lightweight and small cot for their motorbike camping vacations, the MARCHWAY Ultralight Folding Camping Cot is a fantastic solution. Compared to other camping cots, this one is quite portable, weighing around 4.8 pounds. When folded down, it is about a 16.9 x 5.5-inch bag, making it extremely easy to carry with your motorbike.

As for the setting up, you easily set this up and disassemble it in a second. The foldable aluminum shock-cord pole structure makes assembly and disassembly quick and simple. I found this cot to be durable, and according to, Marchway, this can hold up to 275 pounds. As for the comfort, it is decently comfortable. Honestly, it is not super luxurious, and none of the portable cots are, in my opinion. However, you won’t feel any discomfort while using this unless you have a bad back. If you have a bad back, check these camping beds for bad backs.

Overall, I recommend the MARCHWAY Ultralight Folding Tent Camping Cot for anyone looking for a compact and lightweight cot for their motorcycle camping trips.

KingCamp Camping bike Cot
Price Starting From

The KingCamp Camping Cot is another excellent camping cot if you are looking for a reliable and sturdy cot. With its larger size, which measures 75″x25″x4.7″, this is a perfect choice even if you are taller.

As usual in this list of motorcycle camping cots, this is also portable and easy to assemble, as it can be easily installed or folded up into an included storage bag within 10 seconds. The tucked size is 14″×5.1″×5.1,” and only weighs 4.4 pounds, making it perfect for motorcycle camping trips. This can easily support up to 265 lbs.

In conclusion, the KingCamp Camping Cot is a great option for motorcycle campers looking for a reliable and sturdy cot. Its larger size, easy setup, lightweight and portable design, and sturdy construction make it an excellent choice for a motorcycle camping cot.

Conclusion – Motorcycle Camping Tent Cots & Motorcycle Camping Cots

In this article, we’ve looked at some of the best motorcycle camping tent cots and motorcycle camping cots available on the market. We’ve discussed their features and prices, and I’ve shared some of my personal experiences as well.

When it comes to motorcycle camping cots, there are so many options available. From traditional camping cots to more modern designs, there’s something for every need and budget. But when it comes to motorcycle camping tent cots, the options are a bit more limited. However, there are still some great options available that can make your camping experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

If you are a solo camper looking for a camping tent cot, I would suggest you to go ahead with the tangkula 4-in-1 camping tent cot. If you are a high and lofty person, then you may want to reconsider. However, if you are only interested in the camping cot, both the mentioned cots are at the top of the leaderboard.

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